1. lolmyweirdlife:


    I’m not really sure what to make of this. Crazy! 


    Cartoon Network train in Taiwan (aka Cartoon Express)

    *puts sunglasses on* my ride is here



  3. twinklepunt:

    You are made of starstuff ★


  4. shaburdies:

    manon sketches. 

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  5. fer1972:

    Steel Cityscape Sculpture by Hu Shaoming

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  8. hightreasonart:

    A preview of the work I did for AVCon’s Lolita & J-Fashion parade. The full version of this picture will be sold as a print at my table in artist alley.

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  10. chirart:

    Bitches don’t know Evangelion is my religion.

    I repressed my love for this series for like 15 years, and then bff Muun got into it so now I’m vomiting it all over the place like an erupting volcano.

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